Sticky Mats Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?
You can reach us by email.

What’s the difference between a “tacky mat” versus a “sticky mat”?
There’s no difference. The term “tacky mat” is often used in some American states, but generally in Australia, we call them “sticky mats”.

Where are you located?
Our main office is located in Perth, Western Australia, but we also have a warehouse storage facility in Melbourne, so we can ship quickly on the East Coast. We always have stock on hand and post your mats same-day during business hours.

When are you open?
Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

I have questions about your products, will you answer them?
Certainly! Send us an email any time!

I’m having trouble with the website, how do I find what I’m looking for?
You should use the menu links at the top of the page to find what you want and scroll down the page as needed.

I’m looking for a specific product and can’t find it on your website?
You can contact us over the phone or email and we may be able to do something for you. All the products we carry are on the website.

I’m on a tight deadline, what can you do?
We can ship it to you using the fastest and most reasonable method possible. Shipping cost is paid by you.

Can I cut mats in 2 to use in smaller areas?
It is not recommended that you cut your mats. The mats have 1 tab in the same corner on each layer, which makes the layers easy to remove. Cutting the mats in 2 will render the non-tabbed half unusable, because without the tabs you cannot peel off individual layers. Each layer is a very thin film and the adhesive holds them together making it extremely difficult to pull them apart.



Can I request a sample item?
Yes, to do so contact us via email and let us know which mat you would like to try, for what purpose and your shipping address.

How do I cancel my order? Will there be a cancellation fee?
Call us to cancel your order. There is no cancellation fee, however shipping costs are not refundable.

Is there a price break for large orders?
Our order form displays price reductions for large orders as you make them. Use the order form to see the price change!

I just placed an order but I’m not sure it went through, now what?
You can confirm that your order went through by email or phone.

I didn’t receive an order confirmation or tax invoice? What do I need to do?
If you didn’t receive an order confirmation contact us and we will let you know if we received your order or not.

Can I track my order?
Yes. You will receive a tracking number on your paid invoice which will be emailed to you when your order ships.

Can I check my order status?
Yes, give us a call if you are concerned your order will not arrive in time.

Can I add to my existing order? How do I do that?
You can add to an existing order, provided it hasn’t been shipped. To do so, call us and let us know what you want to add. You will then need to make another order and credit card payment on this website.

How do I place an order?
Visit our order page and fill out the form. The price will adjust automatically. We prefer credit card payments to be made using our secure server, but for large orders we can provide an invoice to you and be paid by BSB and ACCOUNT number.

When ordering I may have made a mistake, what can I do?
Contact us and we will help you make things right.

I’m out of mats, can I reorder?
Certainly! You can place it online, email it, or give us a call. If it is an exact reorder call us, it will save you time.


Pricing & Payment

What are your payment options?
We accept payments through Visa and Mastercard direct on our website. We can issue you a quote to accept a purchase order if your company requires this process.

What does the online pricing include?
The price online includes the mats ordered and shipping.

The pricing online changed, why?
Pricing is subject to change at any time on the website. Prices change due to changes in cost for the product

Do you charge GST?
GST is charged to any purchase made within Australia. Out of country purchases do not get charged sales tax.

Are there more charges I should know about?


Shipping & Receiving

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

Do you ship internationally?
Apart from shipping our sticky mats to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, we also ship to regional areas. We also ship internationally. The online sticky mat price and shipping quote when ordering is for Australian locations only. If you wish to have us ship our sticky mats outside Australia, please email us BEFORE YOU ORDER.

I have my own shipping account can you use that?
You sure can. When ordering please make note of it in the “Additional Instructions” message box. Or call us to provide your account info.

Once my order is shipped can I track it?
Yes. We will email you your shipping number as soon as it is shipped.

I need my sticky mats fast what are my options?
Your fastest and cheapest option depends on your location. We offer your typical shipping options (overnight, 2nd day, etc.). Please call us to get details and arrange your order.

My order wasn’t right when I received it, what can be done?
Let us know by calling or emailing and we will get it sorted out for you.

Product was damaged upon receiving my order what do I do?
You should refuse the order from the carrier (FedEx or Australia Post). If you signed for it you can file a claim with the carrier.

How are mats packaged?
All sticky mats come in a box.

What shipping methods do you use?
We ship using FedEx and Australia Post.

How long will my order take?
Delivery depends on your location and shipping method chosen. We usually post your sticky mats same-day.



What is your return policy?
We will not accept partially used products. Refunds will be given for items only, customer must pay return shipping. We will only pay return shipping if you receive the wrong item from us.

I received my order and not happy with the product, what do I do?
Call or email us and we will work with you.



How is my personal info treated? Is it safe?
Personal information is kept safe and never sold to third parties period. Your information is only given out when it deals with your purchase or delivery of the product or service.

How is credit card information handled?
Credit card information is handled by our secure server payment provider only. No sticky mats staff member has access to your information. Our payment gateway provider has software protection that prevents information from being stolen as well.

Is your website secure?
Our website is broken up into 2 areas the shopping cart / payment and regular website. The regular website is not secure, but the shopping cart is. We know the importance of security and take it seriously, and when you go to make a purchase your information is going through a secure channel.